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Leslie Rightmowar’s ceremonial first pitch wasn’t exactly in the strike zone, but what happened afterwards was the biggest of home runs.
Leslie’s husband, Sr. Chief Dawan Rightmowar, a 23 year Navy veteran has been deployed to Pakistan for 7 months.With their eldest son gone on his first Naval deployment, and Leslie at home with their younger 2 children, the Rightmowars deserved a little something special. So given a brief leave, Dawan decided to surprise his family at a Cardinals game. We think it’s safe to say that the pictures speak for themselves.
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Adam Wainwright and Trever Rosenthal singing Love is an Open Door from Frozen

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Michael Wacha watches from the dugout in the first inning - April 7, 2014

"It’s like a clone, man. He’s a little different when it comes to stuff, but you can just tell. These guys go about their business the right way. He reminds me a lot of Wainwright, in my opinion. Both of them, obviously. He kind of looks like (Wainwright)."

—Reds outfielder Jay Bruce on the similarities between Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha and his mentors, Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter. (via kileyrae)